Playtime Theater

Price at time of review: $2.99

PlayTime Theater: Castle is a first of its kind digital “Toy” play set and puppet show theater. It comes with everything you need to put on and record your own shows; a stage with moving parts. A customizable cast with costumes. We also give you lots of action props, a large sound effects library and even original cinematic music. PlayTime Theater is a portable puppet show theater for the multi-touch age.

Play along with your parents, cyblings or friends!! Make a silly video and let us know! We’d love to feature it on our YouTube Channel!

Kids and families can now create their own virtual puppet show anywhere. Not only can you make your own stories, but also kids and adults alike, will enjoy hours of fun playing with a new kind of app…a “Toy” App. The Castle stage mimics a toy with moving parts. It has Doors and windows that open, a drawbridge and even a moat monster! Discover for yourself all the features.

Unlike traditional toys, PlayTime Theater uses a unique, highly customizable play system that lets you create and record your own shows for the iPad.

Add your own voice, and use built-in production elements like sound effects and music to give your performances a professional polish!

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