Price at time of review $0.99

Drums! can be regarded as the most realistic and intuitive Drum App available in the iStore right now.

Featured by Apple as app of the week*

Drums! is a universal application that runs on all iOS devices (iOS 3.0 or higher) including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone and an iPad then Drums! will run on both devices with no extra cost charged for an iPad version. We give you that as standard.

This Drum App is packed with a wide-range of features that make the most of Apple’s latest devices, including support for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display and iOS 4.2.

In many ways Drums! now sets the benchmark in the Drum App category, delivering a fun interactive experience full of realism and genuine technological brilliance.

Drums! rewarding audio experience is enhanced by the beautifully illustrated interface that reminds you that this is not just any drum App.

The Sound Engine behind Drums! has been developed to deliver an intuitive experience, highlighted by the low lag times along with a realistic and responsive audio performance that should please even the keenest ear.

The response times are so good that we’re confident even the fastest beats can be played in time with Drums!

Users also enjoy full access to their iPod library from within the App itself, so that you can select one or more tracks to play along to. And just in case that wasn’t enough users can enjoy 3 great sounding drum kits to choose from, so that you can find just the right combination for your favourite track.

The drum kit layouts have been designed by Industry Professionals giving you the ability to hit several drums at once, while also allowing you to slide between drums so that you can get the detail you want in to your performance. With both single / double kick and left/right handed layouts, you are sure to find your perfect setup.

Drums! is easy to learn and quick to master and will reward those looking for a fun App as well as those drum fans wanting a serious and realistic experience.

We do value your feedback and suggestions and every 5 star rating and review drives us to make the iOS drumming experience better and better.


– Universal application for all iOS devices
– Create your own unique sound with a choice of 3 beautifully illustrated, great sounding drum kits
– Choice of 4 different drum kit layouts to help find your perfect setup
– 16-bit uncompressed drum samples put a REAL drum kit in the palm of your hand
– The beautifully illustrated, intuitive interface makes Drums! accessible to everyone
– Play along to your heroes with the ability to create iPod songlists from within the app
– Low lag allows you to play fast beats with ease and no delay
– A dual zone ride cymbal allows you to play the cymbal and the bell just like a real kit
– Slide your finger between the drums for those quick fill moments
– Realistic hi-hat response
– Built in support for playing really fast drum rolls
– You can rotate your device to play Drums! either way up. This makes playing while connected to headphones or external speakers comfortable on all devices

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