Chore Pad

Price at time of review $4.99

Setup is a cinch:

1. Add each member of your family as a user.
2. Add as many chores as you’d like to the Chore Chest.
3. Use the Chore Chest to assign chores.
4. Setup rewards to get your kids motivated!

Features include:

– Weekly and daily chore chart views
– Chore icons
– Fun sounds and animations
– Collect stars to “buy” rewards
– See all rewards received in the rewards history view
– Collect checkmarks to earn trophies
– Add chores to the Chore Chest for easy assignment to multiple users
– Customize chores for each user
– Set up repeat intervals and assign chores to any combination of days
– Drag and drop chore reordering
– User photo selection
– Data protection through the Settings application
– Star modifiers, you can add or subtract stars on individual chore cells

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A more complete list of Chore Pad’s features:

★ Intuitive Chore Chart View ★

– The current day is automatically highlighted in the chart.
– Look to the future or review the past in landscape orientation with simple navigation arrows.
– Simply touch a cell to mark a chore as complete!
– Each chore displays its star value along with total stars earned for the current week.
– Animations show stars flowing into each chore’s weekly total, and highlight checkmark and star totals as they build.
– Colorful and easily recognizable chore icons help to identify chores.

★ Time Saving Chore Chest ★

– Use the Chore Chest to add, edit or delete chore “templates”.
– Set up chores to occur on any combination of weekdays and with repeat options.
– Assign a value of 0 to 10 stars for each chore.
– Simply touch a chore in the Chore Chest to copy it into the current user’s chore chart.
– Customize a chore once it has been assigned to a user as needed.
– Choose from 64 chore icons when configuring a chore.

★ Robust Rewards System ★

– Create rewards with custom star values.
– Accumulate stars for every completed chore.
– Cash out rewards at your convenience.
– See reward histories for each user, complete with star values and days received.

★ Visual Achievements ★

– Earn a checkmark for every completed chore.
– Users receive trophies as their checkmark total increases.

★ Easy User Setup ★

– Add any number of users, each with their own chore chart.
– Reorder chores in the chore chart effortlessly with simple drag and drop.
– Switch quickly between users with the touch of a button.
– Add a photo to customize your chore chart.

★ Data Protection ★

– Options in the Settings app allow you to disable edits or deletes for chores, users and rewards independently.
– Popover protection in the chart guards against accidental changes to the past or future.

What’s new

* Star Modifiers!
By popular request, you can now add or subtract stars on individual chore cells. Tap the new arrow next to the chore name to show the star modifier tray, then use the + and – buttons to modify star values as you see fit.

These modifier stars will show up in the corner of the chore cell and are color-coded to indicate an extra reward (green star) or a penalty (red star). They work independently of checkmarks, so they can be used whether or not a chore is complete and in addition to the stars normally given out when a chore has been finished.

* New Chore Icons
A few new icons have been added.

* Performance Enhancements
Theme switching and chart updating operations have been tuned for performance.

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