Boogie Bopper

Price at time of review: $1.99

Tickle Tap Apps presents Boogie Bopper, the playful music making game for groovy toddlers. Mini Maestros who love Sound Shaker will also enjoy this musical treat.

It’s fun to make animals boogie! Tap the circles to play a familiar song while Jinja the cat or Harvey the dog dance along. Or hear the song played for you with a quick tap or compose your very own songs.

Boogie Bopper helps children:
– Explore sounds, melodies and tempo
– Practice listening
– Improve coordination

Recommended for ages 3-5.

Parents’ Choice Gold for Sound Shaker and Sort Slider, Silver for Count Caddy. “zinc Roe design offers a suite of bright and colorful apps for the youngest users… With its welcoming continuity of voice and characters, this age-appropriate playful prologue is deliciously intriguing to those eager to learn.” Parents’ Choice jury.

Editor’s Choice from the Children’s Technology Review for Sound Shaker, Color Collector and the Tickle Tap Toddler Pack, recognizing “no fail products, worthy of their cost, and able to keep children engaged for days at a time.”

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