Articulate It

Price at time of review $38.99
Articulate it! is an application designed to help children practice their pronunciation skills. Articulate it! is Smarty Ears’ brand new app that allows speech therapists and parents work towards improving the speech of children with speech delays.

Articulate it! contains over 1 thousand images in all sounds of the English language! Let’s take a closer look at the main features of Articulate it:

1. Over 1 thousand pictures;

2. Audio recordings for every word present on this app! You child can practice saying their sounds on their own by repeating the voice on the app;

3. Contains ALL phonemes of the English language;

4. Ability to track multiple students at the same time with separate goals;

5. Ability to group sounds by Manner of articulation or phonological processes;

6. Built in voice recording allows the children to compare their productions with the audio recording;

7. Extremely specific results screens- give you percentage based on phonemes/ position in the words/ which words were missed and more…

8. Note taking capability: allows SLPs and parents to take notes during practice.

9. Universal app! Looks great on iPhone and on iPad.

10. Amazing images.

11. Allows you to skip images you don’t want to practice.

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