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 A “hook” for interest, attention and fun – Many children, regardless of developmental status or the presence or absence of diagnostic symptoms – respond to electronics. It is routinely the case that children, who otherwise struggle to pay attention to conventional educational activities, are hooked the moment that they have access to electronic medium. Watch how much fun children have in using electronic devices and ask yourself the question, “can my child be as interested in school work as they are in video games?” The answer is almost always “yes.”

Risk of OCD & anxiety – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD) are characterized as forms of anxiety or fears that are unrealistic, yet result in highly repetitive actions. Though this diagnosis is considered to be entirely separate from Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), OCD is often discussed in relation to the repetitive actions and narrow ranges of attention that these individuals often show. A person diagnosed with ASD can become overly focused on a small number of events in their environment and adhere rigidly to those few interests. Moreover, many of these individuals can become high agitated around these few objects and/or interests. Hence, care must be taken that a learning tool like an iPad does not become an object of over-focus at the exclusion of other learning media and medium, that only serves to generate repetitive and anxiety-producing actions.

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Krista Salvioli

Krista Salvioli

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